garagenoper kollektiv

contemporary music theatre between jazz, indie rock and impro

laura siegmund (dance, voice), almut schlichting (saxophone, voice), christoph funabashi (guitar, voice), merle bennett (drums, voice), torsten papenheim (composition, guitar)






christoph funabashi – guitar, objects & preparations, fx-pedals

current repertoire: john zorn – the book of heads, martin daske – foliant 28,

torsten papenheim – shudder studies, christian wolff – for 1, 2 or 3 people,

improvisations as soloist and in ad hoc ensembles





e-werk (2012 – 2013)

electric guitar quartet / contemporary music

jörgen brilling, daniel göritz, frédéric l’epée, christoph funabashi





ensemble xenon (2011/2014)

contemporary music between composition and improvisation

margarete huber (voice), kathrin von kieseritzky (saxophone), henriette scheytt (violin), mike flemming (viola), markus wettstein (metal objects + melodica), christoph funabashi (collaborations as composer and guest musician) and others





saitenblicke (2004 – 2010)

duo saitenblicke

premieres and contemporary repertoire

juliane tief + christoph funabashi – guitars

ensemble/concert series saitenblicke

compositions for various chamber musical settings





irreversible (2011)

dance piece by and with william macqueen (dance),

sebastian fiedor (dance), christoph funabashi (guitar)





the secret chords

lo-fi indie rock solo projekt

christoph funabashi – voice, guitars, fx-pedals